In order to cater our wide range of customers’ needs,having a broad range of products is,nowadays,deemed as a necessity due to massive amount brand
that is available in Malaysian market,each with their own pros and cons,the availability of new products often become attractions,especially between computer enthusiasts.

In order to achieve the above mentioned matters,the support from the distributors plays an important role to us from keeping up the stock level in our stores,as well as the warranty issues.We’re glad that our involvement in this industry for the last 13 years,we have garnered support from various distributors,while most of them are Industry leaders,or Multinational Corporation.

And We're Proud to Brings you the quality products from Leading Brands across the world with some of them from:

United States
Apple Inc
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
AMD Inc.
Kingston Technology Company,Inc
Gigabyte Technology
Micro Star International (MSI)